Exhibitions Current & Upcoming

Faculty Exhibition 2012
Members Exhibition 2012
Professional Artists' Exhibition 2012
Professional Artists Exhibition 2013
Urban Pop · Betsy Meyer Memorial Exhibition 2013
Betsy Meyer Memorial Exhibition · 2014
Lower Merion Interschool Council Art Show 2014
Members Exhibition 2014
Professional Artist Members Exhibition 2014
Teaching Artist Exhibition 2014
Members Exhibition · 2015
Professional Artist Members Exhibition 2015
Accessible Art Exhibitions 2016
Members Exhibition · 2016
Professional Artist Members Exhibition · 2016
Spring Gala Exhibition · 2016
Transformations · Betsy Meyer Memorial Exhibition · 2016
Accessible Art Exhibition 2017
Members Exhibition · 2017
Professional Artist Members Exhibition 2017
Spring Gala Exhibition & Fundraiser 2017
Teaching Artist Exhibition 2017
Accessible Art Exhibition 2018
Members Exhibition · 2018
Professional Artist Members Exhibition · 2018
Accessible Art Exhibitions · 2019
Art in Action · 2019
Professional Artist Members' Exhibition · 2019
Members Exhibition · 2020
Professional Artist Members Exhibition · 2020
Virtual Student Exhibition 2021
Art in Action
Happily Ever After
Accessible Art Exhibitions 2014: Celebrating 50 Years of Growing Through Art
Welcome Gallery Exhibition · MLAC Teaching Artists
Outreach Exhibition 2013 · 5+1 Sense Ability and Awareness
Exhibitions in the Community · Lori F. Banks
Welcome Gallery Exhibition: Lori F. Banks
Jewels & Treasures 2014: A Fine Art Exhibition and Benefit
Jewels & Treasures · A Fine Art Exhibition and Benefit
In the Welcome Gallery · Professional Artist Member John Benigno
Summer Gallery Rental with Phyllis Steinberg: Something Old. Something New. Never Borrowed. Sometimes Blue.
Welcome Gallery Exhibition · Bill Brookover
In the Welcome Gallery · Professional Artist Member Jane Cary
Gigi Louise Lawrence, Collages
Summer Gallery Rental with Rene Crystal
Summer Gallery Rental: 4 DIRECTIONS
Welcome Gallery Exhibition · Frank DePietro
Carl Duzen: Copper Making Meaning From Dementia
Exhibitions in the Community: Laura at Ringpfeil Advanced Dermatology
Summer Gallery Rental with Lynne Dietze
Summer Gallery Rental with Lilliana Didovic and Guest Artist Nina Radovic: Perception of Reality and Dreams
In the Welcome Gallery · Professional Artist Member Marlene Dubin
Panorama Feature Exhibition: Enlightened Earth
2018 Jewelry & Metalsmithing Exhibition
ARTsisters Group Exhibition
Annual Members Exhibition
Diverse Artistic Universe: George Rothacker 50th Anniversary Exhibition
Draw the Line: 13th Annual Betsy Meyer Memorial Exhibition
Garden Sculpture Exhibition
MORPH: 15th Annual Betsy Meyer Memorial Exhibition
Paradox: 16th Annual Betsy Meyer Memorial Exhibition
REEMERGENCE: 18th Annual Betsy Meyer Memorial Exhibition
Spring Gala Exhibition
Tweak of Nature · 11th Annual Betsy Meyer Memorial Exhibition
Welcome Gallery Exhibition · Accessible Art Exhibition
What Is & What If: 14th Annual Betsy Meyer Memorial Exhibition
Accessible Art Exhibitions
Welcome Gallery Exhibition · Kirby Fredendall
Welcome Gallery Exhibition · Terri Fridkin
Flip Side Community Exhibition & Fundraiser
Flip Side Community Exhibition and Fundraiser
Welcome Gallery Exhibition · Linda Dubin Garfield
Summer Gallery Rental: Works by Jonathan Greene
Welcome Gallery Exhibition · Gary Grissom
In the Welcome Gallery: Cone 10 Guild
Panorama Exhibition at City Hall
Summer Gallery Rental with Audrey Hiatt-Sims
Summer Gallery Rental with Barbara Hillmeyer
Out of Attic · 75 Years of History
Outside The Lines: Comics & Illustrations
Summer Gallery Rental with Fonda Hartman: Stretching the Imagination
Plein Air Invitational
Impact: Reflections on 9/11, Works by George Robert Overhiser, Jr.
Summer Gallery Rental with Gail Kolflat
Welcome Gallery Exhibition · Deborah Leavy
In the Welcome Gallery: Professional Artist Member Kathryn Lee
Summer Art Camp Exhibition at Ludington Library
Exhibitions in the Community · Monique Lazard & Elaine Lisle
Welcome Gallery Exhibition · Elaine Lisle
Welcome Gallery Exhibition · Sandi Neiman Lovitz
Summer Gallery Rental with Lilliana Didovic and Marius Metodiev
In the Welcome Gallery: Kay Moon
Welcome Gallery Exhibition · Mosaics
17th Annual Betsy Meyer Memorial Exhibition in Partnership with The Colored Girls Museum
In the Welcome Gallery · Mixed Media on Canvas and Paper
Welcome Gallery Exhibition · Ruth Parker
Welcome Gallery Exhibition · Doris Peltzman
Welcome Gallery Exhibition · Mosaic Society of Philadelphia
Welcome Gallery Exhibition · Gillian Pokalo
In the Welcome Gallery: The Nature of Raku
In the Welcome Gallery · Bethany Rusen
Exhibitions in the Community · Linda Dubin Garfield, Mary kane, and Rona Satten
Beyond the Screen
In the Welcome Gallery: Smoke Fired Ceramic Sculpture
Lower Merion Interschool Art Show
Lower Merion Interschool Council Art Show
Lower Merion Interschool Council Show
Welcome Gallery Exhibition · Andrea Snyder
Welcome Gallery Exhibition · Helge Speth
Welcome Gallery Exhibition · Mixed Media & Collage on Paper, Canvas, and Other Substrates
Common Thread
ARTsisters' Extraordinary Times
Dancing Brush, Rhythmic Ink Exhibition with Josephine Tsai
Face Value
Summer Gallery Rental · Souls Shot: Portraits of Victims of Gun Violence
Outreach Exhibition 2012 · A Celebration of Voices
Exhibitions in the Community · Susan Wallack
Playing with Fire: The Life and Work of Etta Winigrad
Lunar: A New Year
Summer Gallery Rental with Armen Yepoyan