Speed Painting Workshop

InstructorNancy Bea Miller
ScheduleThursdays · 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM
DatesJuly 27, 2023
MediumDrawing & Painting
LevelAll Levels
CostMembers $70.00 · Non-Members $80.00

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Experience the joy of creating small, quick still life paintings from direct observation. Fast concentrated studies from direct observation have huge benefits for an artist’s growth and aesthetic understanding. The resulting paintings can also be beautiful artifacts in their own right! As the poet Blake wrote, “To see a world in a grain of Sand, And a heaven in a wild flower…” Class will begin with a short discussion covering topics such as composition, simple color theory, and oil painting basics (as-needed) like color choices, arranging your palette, setting up your working space, and arranging your easel. There will then be a short demonstration by the instructor showing how to begin your painting, working directly from a still life set up. You may bring your own simple objects to paint, though some will be available on site. Work on several different individual small paintings, either alla prima (all at once) and/or continuing some work on the second day.

Learn oil painting basics, composition, essential color theory, atmospheric perspective, value, and drawing tips. There may be illustrated discussions of related topics in art history. Students unfamiliar with using a palette knife for painting will be given some additional instruction and practice work. Individual and group critique (constructive discussion) will be a normal part of the class. Bring two or three small paintings to completion or near completion. Class will end with a group discussion of work and a quick recap of the day’s lessons. If there’s time, we can have a dedicated discussion on how to complete a painting, including a discussion/demo on varnishing and framing. Look online at various Daily Painting artists and Groups that can be joined to support an artist’s quick study routine.

Student Supply List:

This general supply list is for oil painters. People using other media can assess their own needs from this list, but feel free to contact me with any questions! info@nancybeamiller.com

I do not expect students to come with this entire list of colors. You may just bring what you have. Generally the primary colors are most important (reds, yellows, & blues) plus burnt sienna and white. I will have some of my palette colors on hand for you to try in addition to what you bring.

Other supplies:

All supplies (Except paper towels) can be bought at a reputable local art supply store such as: