Frank Genuardi

Illustration & Comics

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Frank Genuardi was born on a distant planet of Frankgholo and was sent to earth to conquer humanity for the glory of all Frankgholians. He failed…miserably…and was sentenced to life imprisonment in the MontCo Lunar Max Correctional Base Alpha. Due to clerical error, however, he was transferred to the even more infamous Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts (aka the PAFAtentiary). Here he refined his already formidable skills of the illustrative arts (traditional drawing and painting, digital arts, coffee drinking, and over sleeping) and printmaking (because it’s just dang fun!).

But true evil can not be contained for long, and after an explosive breakout, which leveled PAFAtentiary in the process, Frank was free again. He soon began using his new powers to enslave the minds of humans by making nerdy t-shirts, posters, and other lame merch. He even began work on a dreaded indie comic (but we’ll see what happens there). The real genius of this new phase in his world domination is the training of young teen humans, at art re-education centers like Main Line Art Center, to learn the nefarious arts of illustration and comic making so that one day they may join Frank’s sinister army and wreak havoc upon the earth!


I also teach summer camps.

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