Visiting Artist Workshop: Painting with the Palette Knife

InstructorNimrat Sandhu
ScheduleThursdays · 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM
DatesNovember 21, 2024
MediumDrawing & Painting
LevelAll Levels
CostMembers $62.50 · Non-Members $68.75

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Pallet knife painting is like spreading butter on toast but with more flair and fewer calories. Instead of a brush, you wield a nifty little tool that’s perfect for creating bold textures and swirls. Imagine crafting art with the precision of a chef and the spontaneity of a child finger-painting. It’s messy, exhilarating, and utterly liberating. Each swipe of the knife brings your canvas to life, transforming blobs of paint into vibrant masterpieces. Youll learn how to hold and maneuver the pallet knife to apply paint, mix colors, and create textures. Learn techniques for building up layers and creating different textures that bring out the natural look of poppy petals. Learn to apply the first layer of paint and gradually build up the painting with different layers, colors and textures.