Pictures in Black & White Versus Color: Why Are Some Pictures Stronger in Black & White?

InstructorRay Schneider
ScheduleThursdays · 6:00 PM to 8:30 PM
DatesMay 9, 2024
MediumDigital Arts & Photography
LevelAll Levels
CostMembers $40.25 · Non-Members $46.00

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This extremely interactive, fun workshop will explore the reasons why some pictures are stronger and more memorable in black and white. We will discuss how subject, color, texture, shape, contrast, and other factors impact the viewer’s perception of whether black and white or color makes for a stronger picture — one they don’t forget. During the first half of the workshop, we will look at images from Ray’s portfolio, in both black and white and color. The images will cover the full range of photographic genres including landscape, portrait, wildlife, nature, and street photography. For each pairing we’ll share thoughts on why images feel stronger in either black and white or color, and why. During the second half, you will analyze pictures of your own, sent to Ray in advance. Ray will have converted each color picture into black and white and will also demonstrate the use of Adobe Camera Raw (ACR) as a black and white conversion tool.

Who Should Attend this Workshop: Artists and photographers interested in developing a deeper appreciation for why some pictures look better in black and white, and why they may want to consider changes to their own work as a result. Some photography experience will help you get the most out of the workshop, however the main requirement for attendees is an ability to see and feel.

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