Sunny Hsu

Mixed Media; Children

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Sunny Hsu is a Taiwanese artist currently based in Philadelphia. During her undergraduate exchange program, she studied at the Tyler School of Art at Temple University. She later completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at Tunghai University in Taiwan. With a focus on mixed media art, painting, sculpture, and photography, Hsu enjoys experimenting with various mediums to create characteristic textures and layered artworks. Hsu’s work primarily revolves around capturing the subtle moments within the complexity of human connections. For Hsu, the interplay of different mediums is an intriguing way to express emotions and forge ties between experiences, prompting an array of sensory memories that engage with the viewer.

In addition to her artistic pursuits, Sunny Hsu has a passion for nurturing creativity in young minds. She brings her skill to teaching art to children and actively contributes to organizing and leading art activities during summer camps, including ESL camps.

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