Gina Altadonna

Drawing and Painting

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Gina Altadonna was raised in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, a rural farming community. In 2010 she received her BFA in Drawing and Painting from The Pennsylvania State University and her MFA in Studio Art, from Stony Brook University, in 2014. Since graduating Gina has been featured in magazines, podcasts and news articles, and has consistently shown her work in galleries across the United States and abroad. Gina has won several grants and awards throughout her art career including The NewCourtland artist fellowship and the Dorthy L. Piper Purchase award. Professionally, Gina has taught Printmaking at Stony Brook University and is currently an Adjunct professor of illustration at The Moore College of Art and Design. She has taught watercolor, drawing and printmaking to all ages and skill levels, while still practicing art in her South Philadelphia residence.