Dori Miller

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Dori Miller is a contemporary artist, oil painter and papermaker. She is a mind’s-eye whisperer, finding gold in the wounds of imagined spaces and represents the unobserved. Why unobserved? We cannot “see” because we look out, when we should be looking in and we are so easily distracted.  Her artworks are slow, love letters that transport us along the lifeline of our desires, through veils of experience and behind our own scenes.  Speaking in the visual language of the subconscious, she invites us to stay awhile.

Dori finished her Bachelors of Fine Art at Mason Gross School of the Arts at Rutgers University and her Masters of Fine Art at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts in spite of the 2020 pandemic. She has completed master classes at the New York Academy of the Arts.

She was a virtual artist at The Weaving Mill in Chicago residency and has been the recipient of several awards, including the Merit & MFA Artistic Excellence Scholarships (PAFA), the Tepper Chair in Visual Arts Scholarship, NJ State Federation of Women’s Clubs Fine Arts Fellowship, the Charlotte W. Newcombe Scholarship, Ruth Crocket Art Prize (MGSA), and the Best Work Submitted prize at Union County College.

Notable solo and group exhibitions include Pen + Brush (NYC), Gross McCleaf Gallery, Philly Art Collective, The Plastic Club, 119th Annual Student Exhibition (PAFA), FMC Tower, The Common Room (Philadelphia), Morgan Art of Papermaking Conservatory in Cleveland, OH, and Rutgers University Art Library.  Dori Miller currently works and resides near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Instagram: @DoriMillerStudios