Clare Burson, Memory Jars 1-3

Women In Sculpture: Outdoor Sculpture Exhibition

June 3 – September 30, 2024
Main Line Art Center Garden

Main Line Art Center is proud to present our 4th annual outdoor sculpture exhibition, Women in Sculpture, from June 3rd – September 30th. 14 women artists have installed their work throughout our gardens creating a whimsical exhibition sure to delight viewers of all ages! You’ll find pieces nestled in our flower beds, lining the porch, hanging in trees, and adorning the outskirts of the garden. There is a surprise around every corner!

Most work is for sale. Please inquire at the registrar’s desk for pricing.

Exhibiting Artists:

Nancy Agati, Ava Blitz, Irja Bodén, Nancy Brenner, Clare Burson, Lisa Fredon, Beth Galinsky, THECOLORG, Linda Gross, Carole Loeffler, Gina Michaels, Jessica Mungekar, and Natalia Zykova.