Panorama Exhibition at City Hall

October 10 – December 2, 2016


//_PATH © Mark Dorf

Main Line Art Center proudly presents a selection of works by Panorama Feature Exhibition Enlightened Earth artists Mark Dorf (New York), Julianna Foster (Philadelphia), and Nick Pedersen (Burlington, NJ). In Enlightened Earth, Dorf, Foster, and Pedersen engage the photographic medium and digital media to explore nature and our complex relationship to its past, present, and future. Motivated by environmentalism, fascination with photography’s subjectivity, and the dominance of the digital domain, these artists investigate the delicate imbalance of nature, technology, and humanity. Their work leads us down a path of multi-layered, multi-media discovery through storytelling, fantastical landscapes, and scientific research. Anchored by Enlightened Earth and a dynamic and interactive festival on Oct. 22 from 5-9 PM, both at Main Line Art Center in Haverford, Panorama 2016: Image-Based Art in the 21st Century features special events across Greater Philadelphia celebrating the expansive role of photography and digital media in contemporary art.

Please stop by the opening reception on Friday, Oct. 21,from 5-7 PM at the Art Gallery at City Hall.