Wormhole 14

Francis Beaty

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Participating Year: 2021

How did showing in the exhibition impact your career as an artist?

“As a result of exhibiting in the 2019 Betsy Meyer Exhibition I have secured my “lane.” My creative process begins by making a maquette which is what I submitted for consideration in the exhibit. The opportunity to execute the model on a larger scale gave me clarity. I have a clearness of who I am as an artist and I see my path into creating dialogue with the public through these large scale installations. I gained greater confidence in my ability to execute as well as propose future large scale works.”

Artist Statement

My works are thought provoking vehicles to carry the viewer to a new perspective and heightened awareness of space, texture, dimension, shades, and shadows. My process begins with a visual diary that draws from emotional states, emphasizing capsules of time that crystalize feelings and works with color and form. My work has been described as, “… a quiet immersion into an alternate world representative of the artist’s energy, a wordless, delicate beauty juxtaposed by the use of heavy materials: paste, wood, concrete, metal, piping, with softer elements: cardboard, screen, paper and mesh, which leaves one questioning preconceived notions.” I create maquettes that investigate personal connections through enigmatic, abstract forms. I use these models as the foundation for proposals and installations. Being able to construct the model on a larger scale is what drives my passion.

Artist Biography

Francis Beaty was born in Abington, PA (1949). She is a contemporary installation artist, painter, and sculptor known for her interdisciplinary work and introspective style. Her works incorporate found and contstructed elements with a unique conceptual inventiveness. Her first large installation “The Hatching” was a community engagement piece in Allentown, PA in 2017. Her membership in the Global Art Project, 2018-2021, helped to expand her exhibition opportunities into Europe. She participated in the Geuzenmaand 2021-2022 Exhibition through the 10dence Gallery who represented her in Europe. The exhibition traveled to the Museum Vlaardingen, World Art Delft, Rotterdam Courthouse, and Kunstwerkt Foundation Scheidam. She was awarded the Betsy Meyer Award in Philadelphia in 2021 and is a member of InLiquid and CFEVA. Her residencies include Saruya, Japan; Buffalo Creek, Nevada; Chateau Campdieu, France; Baum School of Art, PA. Francis has utilized her degrees in Education, French, and Architectural Interior Design as the foundation of her ongoing passion to create art that makes people think. Given the current socio-political and environmental climates, she believes it is important to create work that bridges the gaps across different perspectives and facilitate relational dialogue.