Yona Yurwit

Drawing & Painting; Children

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Yona Yurwit is a self-taught pencil artist. She grew up on a hot spring in rural New Mexico with 1,280 acres of scrub and some cows. She received a BA in Liberal Arts in 2014, and her Environmental Studies minor and interdisciplinary study model fostered her interest in creating art that celebrates connections and patterns. Since 2014, she has been living in Philadelpia, where she regularly shows work and sells at craft fairs. From 2015 – 2016 Yona painted and performed with ROMPUS painting troupe, whose improvisational style is still evident in her personal work in her free-form biology-inspired patterns and no-looking-back approach. Currently, her main projects include 1) paper dolls that are meant to challenge beauty norms and celebrate diversity and 2) a series of mandala-inspired illustrations that explore cycles in nature and the connection in all things.