Portrait Drawing: An In-Depth Exploration

InstructorRA Friedman
ScheduleMondays · 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM
DatesApril 15 – May 20, 2024
MediumDrawing & Painting
LevelAll Levels
CostMembers $239.00 · Non-Members $272.00

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Are you a painter, illustrator, or print-maker who wants to dramatically improve their portrait work? In clear and manageable units, this class provides an in-depth introduction to professional practices that takes the guesswork out of creating likeness, accurate proportions, and strong light/dark structure.  Having an understanding of the geometry, structural elements, and basic anatomy of the head will allow you to draw from life, invent, or work from memory with skill and confidence, opening up a plethora of creative possibilities. Look at various strategies/methodologies for drawing, constructive drawing theory and application, simplifying structure, and how form relates to tonal structure.     
Topics include: The forms of the skull, different head types, the structures of the eye, mouth and nose, facial muscles, fat pads, as well as the forms and muscles of the neck and shoulders. Classes include live demonstrations, in-class explorations, and weekly drawing assignments. Basic drawing experience highly recommended.

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